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On Our Gay Marriage Non-Problem

Lesbians and gays in the US are correct that their being denied marriage rights is a violation of their guarantee to equal protection under the law.  However, legalizing gay marriage nationwide would eventually cause as many problems as it would … Continue reading

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No Requiem — On the Approach of 9/11/11

This week I read what will surely be the first of many 10th anniversary retrospectives on the September 11th attacks.  It was in Reason magazine, and the author tried to answer the question of why art failed us in finding … Continue reading

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War Games (Plus: Someone Else in 2012!)

So today’s Sunday morning news shows were abuzz with frustrations about the political right’s criticism of Obama’s continued military aggression in Libya.  Some people on the right claim that Obama is in violation of the War Powers Act, which requires … Continue reading

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