What Am I Missing?

It is always sobering to come to the recognition that you are wrong about something you were very confident that you were right about.  Of course, one always knows one is wrong about all sorts of things, but if you aren’t exactly sure what those things are…no harm, no foul.  Everyone makes mistakes.

Still, Obama’s steady slide in approval ratings opened my eyes to something.  I complain frequently about the overt leftist ideological agenda of the mass media.  I also complain frequently about the power of those same mass media entities to produce the effects they name (in other words, they create public sentiment by “describing” (or, more appropriately, imagining) it)). 

If the media is so powerful in producing public opinion, and if the opionions they want to inculcate are that Obama’s policies are sound, that he is a good leader and a wise man, then why are his approval ratings sinking like a stone?

Either I am wrong about the mass media’s prediliction to left perspectives, or I am wrong about the limits of their ability to persuade the public.  Either way, it seems my media critique should be mitigated.

Or is it just that the massive loss of wealth in the last two weeks (2,000 points in the DIA) has awakened some people to the actual state of affairs?  That might account for some of the decline in approval ratings, but still, the decline points out the limits of the media’s ability to control the public discourse.  In these dark days, the appearance of those limits should be some small comfort.

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